Featured Artist, Chris Courtney of Studio Seven

Friday, March 27, 2009 at 11:13 AM
Let me start off by telling you something about Chris Courtney. Besides being a beautiful person, inside and out, she is a talented artist, painter, sculptor, jewelry designer/teacher and mother of 5 wonderful children with another one the way in July. That in itself makes her amazing and in my opinion, Wonder Woman! Her husband and children are her most ardent supporters, always there for her with a positive word.

Chris’s eclectic style is evident in her work with metal, glass, gems and of course, my polymer clay beads. She has been designing jewelry for many years, always learning, discovering new techniques and methods. Lately, working with flames has captured her attention, which is unmistakable in her superb hot glass beads.

Her inspiration comes from the individual components themselves, the pieces she works with. In her words, she can “see” the finished piece in her mind before she even begins. Everything is inspirational in her “I Love Life” world from wire designs to old buildings, seeing the beauty in everything around her. If asked if she had a personal favorite amongst her many masterpieces, she would say “Swept” would win out (see left.)

I not only think highly of Chris as a person but also admire her as a designer and the work she does with my polymer clay beads. To quote her directly, “CreativeSpiritToo has the most beautiful creations in her shop. I love the colors she uses and the shapes she creates. Her pieces are a blast off the creating starting line for me. I look at the pieces and see it finished in my mind. Once I see it, I have to have the pieces!” I am honored to have her as a loyal purveyor of my artistic works and as a friend.

Visit Chris Courtney at the following Etsy shops:
Finished Jewelry ~ StudioSeven.etsy.com
Lamp Work Glass ~ RodsNFlames.etsy.com
Jewelry Supplies ~ CCSynopticVisions.etsy.com


  1. AllThatGlass Says:

    Fabulous blog creative, Chrissy is a great artist and teacher, she see the best in everything and everyone. I love she to death, not enough space to tell you all the great things about chrissy....

  2. Bubblelane Says:

    Hello, this would be one of my Fav items from studios shop. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=21398914 Lovely wire warp work...

    Kim KimsBeads.etsy.com

  3. Kim, I so agree! Chris's wire wrapped navette pendants are so beautiful and skillfully wrapped. We have good taste! :-)


  4. Wow I love your work. I am itchin to work more with wire, I have the cheap stuff but want to invest in some good wire, but I am afraid I need more practice on the Cheap-o stuff first! Thanks for sharing! Loved looking here and at your store!

  5. This is so lovely, Jules! You know we are all a huge fan of Chris'. Her work is phenomenal! You did an awesome job here!